пероксидний телоген

Використання red-ox систем на основі ce4+ для одержання пероксидвмісних полімерів

he heterotelechelic oligomers and block-copolymers with ultimate peroxide, glucose and other functional fragments were synthesized by polymerization, initiated by RedOx system – OH agents and Ce4+ salt in the presence of peroxide chain transfer agent. The structural and colloidal-chemical properties of oligoperoxides were studied.

Design of polymers of block, comb-like and highly branched structures with peroxide-containing chains

The tailored synthesis of telechelic oligoperoxides (TO), oligoperoxide metal complexes (OMC) as well as the development of controlled radical polymerization in aqueous and hydrocarbon media initiated by them provides prospective approaches for the obtaining block, comb-like and highly branched polymers with the backbone and branches of various nature, polarity, length and reactivity. The polymer-precursors and final products were investigated by chemical, spectral and rheological techniques.