Development of PI-controller optimal tuning method

Aim. The research aims to develop a method of optimal PI-controller tuning, which allows to take into account the constraints and to minimize the undesirable indicators of the automatic control quality. Method. In order to carry out the investigation, the problem of optimal PI-controller tuning was stated in a general form. The analysis of the elements of the problem has been conducted. It allowed substituting the elements to the requirements of individual minimization criteria.

Analysis of the Automatic Level Control by Use of Frequency-controlled Electric Drive of Pump Unit

The article presents an analysis of automatic adjustment system of level liquid in the tank in case the use of frequency-controlled asynchronous electric pump unit. It is proved expediency and conditions of use P- and PI- regulator. The recommendations of settings regulators have given. These results of automatic adjustment control system of level are obtained by computer simulation using Matlab-Simulink.