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Computer testing as innovative tool of measuring knowledge of english

In today's active development of information space a global problem appears the education – the quality and relevance of educational information. One way to solve this problem is to use information technology with the latest developments in the computer industry in the educational process. It is clear that computer technology can intensify the learning process, change the overall organization of training and pass from group classes and forms of knowledge control to the individual, automated.

Features of using e-learning technologies in training teachers of computer science

The article is discusses the operational experience of teachers Mykolayiv Regional Inservice Teacher Training Institute, to introduce blended improvement of professional skill’s form computer science teachers using the ability of distance learning platform’s Moodle, services Web 2.0, as new forms of life-long learning computer science teachers, determine the factors that prevent from professional development of teachers, and features the use of distance learning technologies in system improvement of professional skill.