product life cycle

Risks assessment of suppliers' products life cycle processes based on their audit results in accordance with the standard VDA 6.3

The growing demands of consumers put in front of the management of the quality of the enterprise more and more complex tasks. This is particularly evident in the automotive industry. There is a focus of attention of manufacturers on the processes of the life cycle of products, in particular from suppliers. Here an important tool is the audit of the processes of the life cycle of products. So part of the standards of the German Automobile Manufacturers Association of the VDA are requirements for the audit of processes, during which, following the terminology of the primary source,

Development of lifecycle product on the diagnostic of a calculation production in the enterprise

In the article has been analysed the approach to accounting the outlay and methods
aimed to take strategical decisions and appropriate efficient tactical decisions taking into
account all product lifecycle peculiarities. An absence of complex research in the native science
and practice dedicated to the development of calculation methods in the steps of the product
lifecycle determines the actuality of the given problem.
Methods for calculation of the stages of the life cycle ofa product is one of the priority