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Geoinformation Technology For Cloudiness Analysis On The Territory Of Western Ukraine Using Satellite Images

Based on Earth observation data taken from satellites of the Landsat program and using the capabilities of the cloud platform Google Earth Engine the geoinformation technology of spatial analysis of cloudiness in the territory of Western Ukraine has been created. The distribution of cloudiness in the region is presented and the influence of the mountain range of the Carpathian Mountains on the main parameters of cloudiness is analyzed. The distribution of cloudiness densities in Lviv and Zakarpattya provinces is shown.

Application of satellite images for the estimation of forest inventory indices

Purpose.  Estimation of the state of forest stands using remote sensing data and statistical inventory data and the comparison of forest inventory indices with forest management materials. Methodology. Remote sensing data were used for the investigation of inventory indices. Inventory indices of forest stands of NNP “Skolivsky Beskydy” and ascertain edges of forest massif were done with Landsat ETM+ data (resolution 30 m) and Quick Bird data (resolution 0.6 m).