Establishment of a Facing Recognition System for Video Observation

In the article were researched the principles of building systems for observation and recognition of objects. Also we have given the classification of human faces recognition methods. Authors have analized the features of operetion for the progressive calibration network (PCN) for human face recognition. And finally has been created and tested the developed face recognition algorithm as the realized software system.

Principles of construction a user interface for cyberphysical system

This article discusses a principles and recommendations for developing user interfaces from cyberphysical system. The methods of interaction in cyberphysical system with web-services and database are presented for their effective use. The cyberphysical system user interface is implemented as a webservice. This article discusses the principles and recommendations for developing user interfaces for the cyberphysical system. The methods of interaction the cyberphysical system with web services are presented, for their effective use.

Means of units verify the reliability of communication network systems cyber physical

Analyzed the principles of building communication networks. The advantages and disadvantages of existing today means implementing diagnostic environments. A reliable means of verification nodes in a communication network cyber physics system.

Принципи побудови геоінформаційної системи пошуку людей

 In the article the Geographic Information System (GIS) finding people through which a user of this service has the ability to find the person who is next to him on the map and start communication. An embodiment of a geographic information system finding people. Described opportunities instrumental GIS and client-server technology and geographic information systems zapoponovanyy algorithm finding people. The algorithm representation statement using markers, which are located on the map. The analysis GIS software client that can be used launch applications on remote servers or workplace.

Diagnosis and adjustment of units of business network of cyber physical systems

The advantages and disadvantages of existing means to date of implementation environments diagnosis. A specialized diagnostic and debugging environment node corporate network. Program implemented modules that allow to quickly diagnose the problem and fix it without human intervention. Developed a clear mechanism of abnormalities in the corporate network and notifies you about your system administrator. Established database, which recorded the state of the corporate network nodes and data about them. Reached a stable operation with a simple structure and environment because of its modules.