Lithogenetic aspects of oil and gas systems formation in the Volyno-Podolia Silurian deposits

Objective. To elucidate the dynamics of catagenetic processes that occurred in the Silurian sediments against the background of an oil and gas systems formation. Method. The method includes lithology-facies, mineralogical-petrographic, catagenetic, and litho-fluido-dynamic analyses. Results.

Anoxic sedimentogenesis of ediacaran and silurian strata of south-western slope of the East-European platform

Purpose. The objective of this study was to investigate the depositional environments of organic-rich Ediacaran and Silurian strata on the south-western slope of the East-European platform. In particular, the factors facilitating the efficient fossilization of organic matter in marine sediments and which play the key role in black shales formation, are the basic elements of petroleum systems being considered. Methodology.

Hydrocarbon compounds and plausible mechanism of gas generation in “shale” gas prospective silurian deposits of Lviv paleozoic depression

Purpose. Investigations of composition of gas within closed porosity (fluid inclusions and closed pores in rocks) of prospective gas-bearing Silurian graptolitic argillites of Lviv Paleozoic depression and ground of plausible mechanism and dynamics of gas generation during “shale” gas formation in productive strata of black-shale formations of the region. Methodology. The composition of volatile fluid inclusions and closed pores of rocks, and their relative gas saturation and water saturation were determined by mass spectrometric chemical method.