Some peculiarities of conservation educational and scientific process proceeded in specialized institutions of the USA East Coast are considered, in particular of the Universities’ conservation programs and of conservation laboratories belonging to museums or private firms. The organizational-educational and instrumental issues of conservation education are presented on the selected  examples and institutions

Constitutional and legal status of the judicial authority in the USA: historical and legal aspects

In the article, based on a thorough analysis of the Constitution of the UnitedStates
(1787), the Judgment Act of 1789, a significant number of scientific literatureclarifies the
historical and legal aspects of the constitutional and legal status of thejudiciary in the United
States. The order of appointment (election) of judges in theUSA is investigated. The
advantages of the organization of the US judicial system, theappointment of federal judges,
and certain shortcomings in the implementation oflegal regulation have been identified.

American identity: global dimension

The article attempts to analyze the perception of American identity and its international importance through ethnic, religious, political, legal, and economic components. It is determined that ethnically modern America is formed by assimilation of the indigenous population and immigrants from Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. as they contributed to the formation of many political, social, constitutional and religious institutions of the new country, the definition of American identity and values.

The stages of formation and basic principles of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Organisation

The main goal of this study is to determine the stages of development, conceptual notion of the agreement on the establishment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), as well as the political and economic role and place of a new organization in the modern system of international relations. Systemic-structural, comparative and historical research methods are applied in the course of research.