state regulation

State Regulation and Strategic Development Management of Enterprises of State Sector: Methods and Mechanisms Improvement

In this article, conceptual frameworks and practically used regulating instruments, methods and mechanisms of state regulation of strategic development of public interest enterprises of the national economy are summarized and analyzed. The matter of concepts, which form specifically directed towards strategic development of bodies of state administration in modern world’s usage, are evaluated from the perspective of Ukrainian economy.

Рublic funding of political parties: Ukrainian and world experience

In this article deals the problems of political parties and their financial viability.
Analyzed Ukrainian and international experience of implementation public funding of political
parties. Highlights the general principles of public funding of political parties. Is revealed
weaknesses in the system of public funding of political parties and the ways to improve
Ukrainian legislation.

University Policy as an Object of Harmonious Development and State Regulation

The article proposes the concept of harmonious development and state regulation of the activities of higher education institutions with the aim of its adaptation in the system of higher education in Ukraine. The preconditions that lead to the development and introduction of a qualitatively new way of development of higher education are outlined. The main characteristics of the harmonious path of development are presented. As an example, the harmonious functioning of the Shanghai International Studies University is considered.

Organization of the market of housing and communal services state regulation in Ukraine

Market of housing and communal services in modern conditions develop under the influence of new factors caused the development of transformation processes in the economy. Crucial social factors leads to features organization of state regulation on the housing and communal services. The main criteria are the quality of public service and environmental factors, which are preferred as opposed to purely economic factors. 

In order to study the theoretical foundations and applied problems of predicting man-made damage to the national economy and methods of management at the state level in paper there is summarizes the theoretical foundations of the application of fuzzy sets

Tourism is an essential sector of every country in contemporary conditions of management. This is because tourism is one of the most dynamic and profitable sectors of the world economy, which helps to increase and spread economic, social and culture relations.