Творчість мулярських майстрів і скульпторів-декораторів львівських споруд кінця ХІХ – початку ХХ ст.

Розглянено життєвий і творчий шлях львівських скульпторів кінця ХІХ – поч. ХХ ст. Проаналізовано їх монументально-декоративні і дизайнерські твори, виокремлено формально-стильові прийоми.

Historical Parallels in the Formation of Architecture of Railway Stations in Halychyna and Tyrol

The aim of the given article is to trace the origins of common forms of space and plasticity in railway station
buildings in Halychyna (Galicia) and Tyrol and reveal their most important features and trends in their formation.
The so-called “rustic straw roof” architectural type of railway station of the times of the Danube monarchy was
common at the turn of the 19th –20th cc. in Halychyna and Tyrol. It was a typically “old Austrian” type and it reflects the

The examination of sentence and word length in the writing of Roman Ivanychuk

The article is dedicated to one of the most important areas of quantitative studies of language and speech that is the study of information and statistical properties of text. The length of sentences and words was calculated in the works of R. Ivanychuk. Received results were compared to the similar figures in Ukrainian prose.