Problems of rehabilitation terminology translation

The article is dedicated to the analyzing of problems, occurred during the translation of rehabilitation terms from French into Ukrainian. The field abbreviations became the most difficult in the translation process – we were searching for decoding in the French explanatory dictionaries for physical rehabilitation / therapy, in scientific articles, textbooks and on Internet resources, sometimes a verbal translation was offered, since there were practically no translation options for an appropriate abbreviation in the Ukrainian language.

Functionally adequate translation of scientific literature (on the material of English and Ukrainian texts of economic content)

The given article is dedicated to the principles of functionally-adequate English-Ukrainian translation of scientific literature of еconomic content. Principal translation models of such a translation are outlined. Some trends of adopting target texts to the education purposes of a modern Ukrainian student obtaining Economic qualification

The translation of Russian adjectives with the components -подобный, -видный and -образный into Ukrainian

The articles aims at revealing seme peculiarities of the Russian composite adjectives with the basic components -подобный-видный and -образный and their equivalents among Ukrainian adjectives united by the seme of affinity. For this purpose the adjectives are arranged in groups with the number of variants established in each of them. The articles considers the ways of adjective formation and deals with a number of issues connected with the semantic structure of Ukrainian and Russian nominations.

On the problems of translation of Theophanous Prokopovych's rhetorical terms into Ukrainian

The article analyzes the difficulties and problems underlying the translation into Ukrainian of Latin rhetorical terms, used and explained in a treatise “On the rhetorical art” by Theophanous Prokopovych (1707), taking into account modern tendencies in scientific and technical terminology organizing. Based on the conducted research and the review of current tendencies in the Ukrainian scientific style a conclusion has been made concerning the similarity of numerous phenomena and processes in the scientific language of the XVIII century and nowadays.