Structural-kinematic relationships at the development of shear dislocations and their impact on localization of gas-dynamic phenomena on the example of Krasnoarmiiska monocline at Donbas

Purpose. The purpose of the paper is the reconstruction of the geodynamic development of the shear dislocation zone (shear stress fields) of the Krasnoarmiiska monocline (KM) of Donbas (Eastern Ukraine) and determining the relationships of their impact on the emergence of gas-dynamic phenomena (GDP) in coal sediments. Methodology. Methods of digital geological cartography, mining-geometric simulation, geological-structural analysis, and structural-geomorphological reconstruction are used for the analysis of structural-geological information.

Influence of the Western Donbass share dislocation zone on the formation of gas accumulations in coal-bearing sediments

Purpose. The objective of the work is to develop the concept of geodynamic evolution of the Western Donbass (WD) shear dislocation zone on the basis of determining the natural gas content results analysis with the help of Svidovska site example using modern information processing and visualization facilities; the establishment of the main regularities for influence of shear tectonics on the formation of gas accumulations in coal-bearing sediments of WD.