Retrospective and modern trends of development of ukrainian customs system

At the present moment, Ukraine's customs system is at the stage of becoming an independent executive body in the system of state authorities. This phase launches a fundamentally new vector for the development of the national customs system, which should ensure the progressive improvement of the work of customs authorities in accordance with European principles, norms and standards. The reform of Ukraine's customs system should be based on the identification of key problems in the customs sphere and the development of effective measures for their solution.

Історія та перспективи розвитку повномасштабних натурних вогневих випробувань

The analysis of existing full-scale fire tests is made both in Ukraine and abroad in the article. Trends of this method of testing are showed here.

Analyzing the status and trends of development ofmachine-building enterprises in Ukraine

Machine-building in the domestic economy took the lead, as it focused significant
technical, scientific and innovative potential. Development of machine building promotes the
development of other related industries, allowing you to create a closed loop production in
Ukraine. Analysis of companies to determine the reasons for slowing the development,
availability and status of resources, the volume of export-import operations, financial and
investment processes. Based on the results of machine-building enterprises can make effective