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The role of civil society and the media in the fight against corruption

The article focuses on the role of civil society and the media in the fight against corruption. It has been proven that effective anti-corruption activities seem impossible without the participation of society. The public, on the one hand, is a force capable of breaking the circle of continuous corruption in the state, and on the other, without its support, interaction with civil society institutions, anti-corruption activities of public authorities seem ineffective.

Media and Dynamics of the Language Norm: the New Feminitives as a Reflection of Modern Social Challenges

The language of the media reacts most quickly to changes in public relations, produces and actively uses words that nominate new realities, give them an appreciation. Тhe media not only reflect, but also promote new sociocultural patterns of behavior, they are drivers of changes in the perception and interpretation of social phenomena.


In this article you will read about the role of photojournalism in modern conditions, main problems and challenges which photojournalists and editors of modern media face while producing and creating visual content. The author has made an attempt to analyze moral and 30 ethical values in work of photocorrespondents and photoreporters, find an effective model of person’s work with a camera or any other shooter depending on requirements of owners and editors of the mass media. The author emphasizes on objectivity or subjectivity of visual content in modern mass media.

Function control as public in promoting domestic legal

The question of providing judicial and public control over the legality of the national proceedings. The problems of the judicial system in Ukraine and public control over the legality of providing email and other information by the judiciary and the media. The ways of solving them. The basic approaches, lines, components and tasks of social and judicial control. An analysis taking into account the public interest when making decisions.