Legal mechanism of solving crimes against humanity: historical and theoretical aspects

Revised: December 30, 2015
Accepted: December 30, 2015
S. O. Torosh

The article examines the concept of crimes against humanity, the historical causes and
circumstances of crimes against humanity. Analyzes the historical and theoretical, legal
approach to the ways and methods to prevent and solve such problems. Moreover, in this
article we see the historical beginnings of approaches and developments of the legal
mechanisms in solving such problems. This article gives theoretical overview of the legal
approaches in solving one of the most important issues of existing world. Moreover, in this
article we see emphasis at historical and theoretical measures that influence on preventing and
solving situations related to armed conflicts inside a society. At the modern world, the reality of existence such problems become more and more highly important issue. Therefore, this
article once more emphasizes the seeing of such society problems as a common problem that is
the most dangerous for a peaceful life and democratic developments

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