Ukrainian immigration press of Canada and USA as a factor of adoption of Ukrainian statehood

I. Skovronska

Ukraine and immigration processes in Ukraine began to attract the attention of scientists and researchers from their origin. Basically they were all the same immigrants who, being in new surroundings, were able to study the phenomenon of emigration “from the inside”. At the stage of building a legal sovereign state Ukraine becoming increasingly important processes in the public life of the Ukrainian people in the country and abroad. Rapid changes in the history of the nation observed in ethno-cultural palette directly in the country, imperceptibly influences the social and political developments abroad, where Ukrainian constitute a significant layer among the indigenous population. Not breaking relations with the ethnic homeland, primarily through the media, but rather through periodicals, Ukrainian have the opportunity to experience constant communication with the mother country, its culture and traditions. Our interest in the development of modern Ukrainian literary language, which represents the consciousness of the people and is a factor in ethnic and cultural development, based on the need to study and analysis of the functioning of media language Ukrainian diaspora on the North American continent from 1991 to the present.

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