Mechanism of crime: scientific and methodological analysis of definition

: 184-190
Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology Lviv Polytechnic National University, Head of Department of Criminal Law Doctor of Law, Professor
postgraduate student of the third year of studyspecialty 081 “Law”

In the article, based on a systematic approach, a scientific and methodological analysis of the definition of the mechanism of combating crime as a multilevel hierarchical system is made. It is noted that each level of construction is determined by its own set of elements, which can be traced by considering the counteraction of crime in those aspects, which reflect the side social processes and corresponding forms of criminological influence with their characteristic mods (methods, means, methods). It is concluded that under the mechanism of combating crime should be understood such systematic formation (set) of principles, norms, institutions (both state-legal and social-legal), modes (organizational, legal, economic, social-psychological), relations and facilitated criminological influences on certain objects in order to achieve certain goals.

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O. Humin, V. Stroyich Mechanism of crime: scientific and methodological analysis of definition