Conference Areas

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Modelling, Synthesis, Optimization and Designing in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Materials Science and Surface Engineering.
  • Welding and Related Technologies.
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials Processing.
  • Designing, Exploitation and Service of Automotive Machinery.
  • Modelling, Organization and Control of Automotive Transport Processes.


The main goal of International scientific and technical conference of young scientists “Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Transport” is exchanging of scientific ideas and practical achievements of local scientists, engineers, designers with their foreign colleagues. Taking into account the scientific and practical proximity and, at the same time, a wide range of covered scientific and applied problems in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials science and transport, the idea of combining of these fields in one conference has appeared. The wide scientific and applied orientation of the conference allows using it as an information field for debatable discussion of new methods, theories, investigations, research and developments at the intersection of mentioned scientific and educational fields.