Travel Arrangement

The symposium will take place in the village of Slavske (Lviv region) in the picturesque mountains. We would like to invite you to the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Accommodation will be provided in “Polytechnic-2” – tourist camp of Lviv Polytechnic and in the Hotel “Perlyna Karpat”.

Accommodation in double rooms with three meals at “Polytechnic-2” is approximately 400-450UAH per person, per day.

Nearby is the Hotel “Perlyna Karpat”. All the events of the symposium will take place in conference hall of this hotel.
The participants of the symposium will also be able to use this hotel (the prices depend on the class of a room).

Note. Near the “Polytechnic-2” camp, there are two ski lifts and ski equipment rental.