Synthesis and Analysis of the Energy-shaping Control Systems for Wind- Solar Power Plant With Hybrid Energy Storage System

: pp. 8 - 17
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Nowadays, one of the main tasks is the development of alternative energy. Despite the considerable number of advantages, such sources of energy as the sun and wind are not permanent, and since these sources naturally work in "antiphase" it is advisable to use them together. Also, due to their instability, they are typically used with various types of storage systems, in particular hybrid energy storage systems, such as a combination of batteries and supercapacitors, which have better performance. Thus, the object of wind-solar power plant is a complex system that requires a special approach to control. One of the well-known approaches to building control systems for complex objects are energy-based approaches.

This article shows the procedure for synthesize of the universal energy-shaping control system for the wind-solar power plant with hybrid energy storage system with wide range of tuning capabilities. The use of various parameters of the energy-shaping control system, which reflects the introduction of additional interconnections and damping, allows to adjust the energy flow inside closed loop system, and therefore to make customization depending on the desired result. For example, maintaining the voltage provided to the load or the smoothness of the battery current. The influence of possible parameters and their combination on the operation of a closed loop system is analyzed. The four most efficient structures of the energy-shaping control system with different parameter configurations have been synthesized: with natural energy flow, with additional interconnections and damping in the storage subsystems, with interconnections in generation subsystems, and in both types of subsystems. Their comparative studies were carried out, which confirmed the feasibility of introducing additional interconnections in all subsystems, namely: solar power plant, wind power plant, battery and supercapacitor. Such a system is able to provide optimal control of both the extracion of energy from all sources and its distribution across energy storage.

Energy-shaping controls systems of wind-solar power plants, through the introduction of additional interconnections and damping, provide wide customization capabilities, this can be especially useful for complex systems such as wind-solar power plants with hydride energy storage systems, where the coordination of subsystems operation, that meets many the requirements, is needed.

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