Publishing Ethics

SHV (Series Humanitarian Vision) publishes only original and peer-reviewed articles on the basis of positive responses of the anonymous reviewers. SHV Editor Board denies any kind of plagiarism. Editor Board recognizes the advice of Committee on Publications Ethics (, Elsevier Publishing Ethics (, and Scopus (

 On the base of those advices, SHV Editor Board formulated some rules for editors, reviewers, and authors. 

The Rules for Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board

1. SHV Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the acceptance of the submitted articles regarding their theoretical level, conceptual development, novelty, copyright, and plagiarism.

2. SHV Editor-in-Chief and any member of Editorial Board don't spread any information about the author of the submitted article to anyone other. 

3. SHV Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board recognize the freedom of research approaches, ideas, conceptions, methodological plurality, which are presented by the authors of submitted articles without any race, religious, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, gender discrimination. 

4. SHV Editor-in-Chief and any member of Editorial Board should do not use the denied papers for own research purposes.