Intellectual educational systems as the guarantee of innovative university’s development

Khmelnytskyi National University

The aim of the research lies in defining the technological and economical effectiveness of the higher institutions’ activities. The guarantee of university’s innovative development lies in expanding the role of knowledge in a modern society and universities in the economy. From the universities at the level of the traditional tasks of study and research (correspondingly the first and the second functions of universities) there originate the economic and social development (i.e. the universities acquire the third function – become one of the development drivers). The way of universities’ informatization lies in the development and implementation of intellectual products. To choose the correct direction of the system’s development is of outmost importance. Our priority task is to create the knowledge-intensive product, having both current applied value and a great potential in the perspective. The main problem in spreading the digital content is “piracy”. Neither any protection, nor any strict copyright legislation can safeguard its theft and unlawful distribution. To our mind, the solution of this problem lies in the content individualization. Lviv Polytechnic National University Institutional Repository 16 When building the information system there is a need [4] to realize not the links of storage devices, but of the information elements themselves. The success of any country’s development is defined by the speed with which the results of a scientific work are implemented in new technologies and technological products in the market i.e. the speed of the commercialization of the developments and the implementation of the intellectual products of the universities [2]. 

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