Specificity of genre forms of writers’ journalistic texts: state-forming aspect

: pp. 86-91
Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University,

In the article the author studies the system of genres in writers social and political journalism of O. Honchar, I. Drach, P. Movchan, B. Oliynyk, D. Pavlychko and V. Yavorivsky published at the end of 20th – in the beginning of 21st century and defines its dominant types. The means of communicative influence on recipients of different genre forms were analyzed. On the example of B. Oliynyks publications suggestive potential of article genre in writers social and political journalism was defined. Also it was emphasized on the main role of word masters in strengthening of state-forming values of the Ukrainian nation. It was proved that the Ukrainian social and political journalism at times of century break, on the way to the foundation of independent Ukraine represented new level of mastery, its own meaningfulness and consequence, genre and composition perfection of a text, its emotional fullness and social orientation in strengthening national requirement of the nation.

The author says that journalistic articles by O. Gonchar, I. Drach, P. Movchan, B. Oliynyk, D. Pavlychko and V. Yavorivsky devoted to the coverage of the most actual and most known problems for the society and country, with their theoretical settling and evaluations. Language skills, scale of thinking, a clear system of reasoning leads to the emergence of potential publications of this genre and the success of the communicative strategy of their authors.

An article in the system of journalistic genres of writers, which is important violations, analyzes, tries to highlight specific events of socio-political life, characterizing social orientation, clear author's position, certain subjectivity, although the mutual influence on the visual impact. However, the suggestive potential of such a publication is obvious.

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