: pp. 58-63
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article is devoted to the issues of the emergence and further development of the Western Ukrainian party press at the end of the XIX century – the beginning of the XX century as a means of political communication. The conclusion that the mass information and 59 communication processes have an important value for a policy both in the present and in the historical retrospect is made. The political representatives of such processes, which are specially prepared for interaction with public opinion, can include, among others, the mass media. The variety of means and methods of informing used by these political representatives can be reduced to the following actions in the information space – mobilization, including agitation and propaganda, and organizational, which involve the purposeful formation and management of public opinion. Agitation and propaganda are the means of information control of people and the provision of their political actions to a strict social orientation. Organizational efforts are also aimed at the fact in which the necessary information for the subject was in his possession if necessary. It is summarized that the media are extremely important tools in the information market, by which political stakeholders (including parties) can not only inform a large and often heterogeneous audience about the goals and values of their policies, but also model their relations with the public. In this process the mass media is not only a subject of the political life, but also an object of it, as it itself is a part of reality with all its contradictions and conflicts and in one form or another recreates them, feeling their strong influence. It was revealed that the expansion of the spectrum of political players, first of all political parties, whilst simultaneous strengthening of the role of the media in political processes, lead to important changes in the internal political life of the country. The conclusion that the important part of political communication is the factor of access to a wide audience and the conquest of the information field by the party media is made.

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