The system of dynamic radiomonitoring of the environmental parameters

Stryhalyk B.M., Pelishok V. O., Rippenbeyn V.V.

Lviv Polytechnic National University

The environmental monitoring systems that display the obtained results on a dedicated site in the Internet are considered. The most common systems consist of one or more measuring devices that form the measuring system located in a controlled stationary object. Such objects can be large settlements and ecologically dangerous enterprises. Each measuring device generates data about the coordinates of it’s location (longitude, latitude) and the levels of controlled environmental parameters. Measuring devices transmit preformed information  through the main communication channel to the center of data collection and processing. However, the known system monitors only a few fixed points, which may be not enough within the state. There may be cases when the fixed points of the environmental parameters will not exceed the permissible limits but between them the situation could be alarming. Therefore it’s necessary to create a system of dynamic radiomonitoring of the environmental parameters with increased informativeness about points carrying radiomonitoring by ensuring that the system can function not only with stationary measuring devices but also mobile. As a result, there are two problems: a significant increasing of the workload of the wireless communication channel and the increasing amount and complexity of the results of processing in order to reflect them on a dedicated website. Thus it’s necessary significant system improvements.
For significantly reduction of the wireless channel’s workload the sequential pre-processing of measurement results in mobile measuring devices is proposed. If some parameters (latitude, longitude and measured parameter) for two consecutive measurements differ slightly, that is within acceptable limits, only label is transmitted that indicates the parameters’ immutability. Then in the data centre according to the brief supplied label the restoration of primary needable to displaying information is done. This dramatically change the amount of information about the results of measurements at a certain time from each of the measuring devices. This system construction requires a single complication of each measuring device, which in general leads to a permanent reduction of the workload of the wireless communication channel.
In order to reduce the complexity of processing all the results to display them on a dedicated website offered a replacement logic operations graphical construction. The fact is that for results displaying it’s needable to check each of them for exceeding or not exceeding the permissible level. This test requires the use of logical operations that are quite time consuming, so require certain time costs. Therefore, an important issue is the reduction of the indicated time costs. For the above stated purpose in the data center the advanced data processing is using, which consists in replacing the logic checks by graphical constructions. This construction is based on the use of the proposed method «2D-3D-2D/».