Secular variations of geomagnetic field in Europe during the 1995–2005 years

The spatial structure of geomagnetic field secular variations in Europe was examined. Using the data of geomagnetic observatories the new maps of this secular variation (SV) for X, Y, Z, D – components for 5-years intervals 1995-2000 and 2000-2005 were constructed. Their comparison with the IGRM global geomagnetic models was done. The global anomalies – SV-focuses in the structure of the secular variations in Europe were discovered and their kinematics was studied.

Institution-based reasons and background of minority governments’ forming in the european parliamentary democracies

The article is dedicated to analysing institution-based reasons and background of minority governments’ formation in the European parliamentary democracies. The researcher has found that the institutional conditionality of minority governments in parliamentary democracies is quite versatile, but is mostly defined with problems of political stability and political culture.

Young consumers` behaviours from selected european countries on market of e-services

Changes which occur in the process of providing services, related to the development of Internet channel of distribution influence the functioning of market of e-services, including consumption of services. Using services on the Internet may be considered innovative (compared to using traditional services) and necessary in the era of post-industrial society. Currently, many consumers use e-services, young consumers in particular.