Kinetics of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Anthocyanin from Purple Roselle Calyces under different pH Conditions

This research presents that the higher temperature results on higher extracted anthocyanin. In addition, it was found that pH 2 was preferable for obtaining greater anthocyanin content. Employing the second-order kinetics model in this research confirmed the good fitting of the model and experimental data.

Acid Hydrolysis and Ethanol Precipitation for Glucomannan Extraction from Crude Porang (Amorphophallus Oncophyllus) Tuber Flour

Extraction of glucomannan from crude porang flour by acid hydrolysis and ethanol precipitation was studied. Effects of acid concentration, temperatures and time were investigated, kinetics model of the process was developed and the parameters were evaluated based on experimental data. New data on yield and purity of glucomannan under various conditions were obtained.


The processing of corn grain allows getting starch, roughage, oil and proteins. Corn gluten is a valuable product that is obtained from corn processing to starch and molasses.  It is a pure protein that it has excellent nutritional properties. Corn gluten is not as widely used as wheat gluten. It’s mainly used for feeding farm animals and poultry, and has a short shelf life. The secondary processing of corn gluten is relevant. Besides solution of a number of environmental problems we can get a number of important products such as zein and fat-carotenoid fraction.


The study of the extraction process of the target components contained in the layer of grain material is presented. The process concerns the dissolution of solids from the outer surface of the solids and the extraction of the dissolved material from the layer of inert grain material in the stationary layer.

Створення нового технологічного процесу повного перероблення розчину стебницького хвостосховища у кондиційні продукти – натрію хлорид і бішофіт

In this article the new technological process of complete processing of solution Stebnik’s tailings on the basis a complex experimental researches, which involves the use of standard equipment, is developed. It enables to get two conditioned products (sodium chloride and bishofit) and potassium-magnesium fertilizer. The cyclic using of organic extractant in the process enables dramatically reduce material costs of processing tailings solution and provides ecological completeness of the process.

Екстрагування хлоридів із суміші хлоридних і сульфатних солей застосуванням етанолу

In this article the extraction of chloride from a mixture of sulfate-chloride salts by aqueous organic extractant with ethanol was investigated. It is found that using of the ratio of T:P = 1:2 and the concentration of ethanol in the extractant 50 wt. % сan get a satisfactory yield chlorine-free product that meets to potassium-magnesium. 

Селективне вилучення хлоридів з твердого напівпродукту перероблення розчинів хвостосховищ калійних виробництв прикарпаття

In this paper the possibility of obtaining almost non-chloride products with the help of the experimental studies of selective extraction of sodium and potassium chlorides from intermediate product of processing solutions tailings potash industries - sediment of potassium-magnesium salts with a high chloride content (over 25 %) using aqueous organic extractant (acetone, methanol, ethanol) was proved. It is shown that to achieve a high yield of product the extraction process should be carried out in 40% aqueous acetone.

Дослідження процесу екстрагування хлоридів з виробничого шеніту з одержанням безхлоридного калійно-магнієвого добрива

In this paper the results of experimental studies of the extraction process of chlorides from the production schoenite that contains more than 15 wt. % Cl-, with using 20 ... 50 % aqueous solutions of isopropyl alcohol are given. It is shown that the realization of extraction in 30 % extractant in ratio between solid and liquid phases  that is equal 3, makes it possible to obtain a precipitate, which after dehydration contains on the dry weight (wt.

Дослідження процесу екстрагування магнію хлориду із суміші солей водними розчинами ізопропілового спирту з наступною кристалізацією кондиційного бішофіту

In this paper the experimental results of extraction magnesium chloride from solid intermediate product of processing of solution Stebnik's tailings with using 87.4...89.5 % aqueous solutions of isopropyl alcohol in the mass ratio between the solid and liquid phases 1:2.0...5.0 and the distillation of isopropyl alcohol with obtained solutions are presented. It is shown that the necessary conditions for obtaining of conditioned bischofite are the content in extractant 89.5 wt. % of isopropyl alcohol and the weight ratio between the solid and liquid phases that is equal 1:3,0...1:3.5.