The activation of Mo2B catalyst in the epoxidation of oct-1-ene with tert-butyl
hydroperoxide was researched. Dependences of the initial rate of hydroperoxide consumption
on the initial concentration of octene-1, tert-butyl hydroperoxide and the amount of catalyst in
the reaction mixture in the presence of an unactivated form of the Mo2B catalyst were studied.
The activation process can be described by the Avraami-Erofeev topokinetic equation and
includes two successive steps, viz., the nucleation and formation of a new active phase. The

Catalytic intensification of the cyclohexane oxidation

Methods of intensification of the process of liquid-phase cyclohexane oxidation in the presence of complex catalytic systems, catalytic solutions and individual catalysts have been considered in the article. Quantitative and qualitative influences of binary catalytic systems which contain cobalt naphthenate and organic modifiers of different nature have been determined. The research confirmed the assumption of complexation involving components of the catalytic solutions in the reaction mixture. The structural formula of possible intermediate catalytic complex has been built.

Використання кислих гудронів у виробництві нафтових бітумів

The actual problem of acid sludge utilization which is the wasted products of oil-refining industry is examined. The neutralization method of acid sludge in order to neutralize sulfonic acids and excess of sulphuric acid is studied. The results of the oxidation process study of neutralized acid sludge and its joint oxidation with oil tar are given. The possibility of acid sludge application for the bitumen production is established.  Розглянуто актуальну проблему утилізації кислих гудронів, які є відходами нафтопереробної промисловості.

Використання олефінів фракції с4 термокаталітичних процесів нафтопереробки для одержання метакролеїну і бута

The joint process of isobutylene oxidation and butene-1 oxidative dehydration is studied on the basis of Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst in the impulse flown plant. The optimal process conditions of products yield (methacrolein, butadiene-1,3) are determined. It is shown that the selectivity by butadiene-1,3 increases with the contact time rising at 633 K and the selectivity by methacrolein at 693 K is maximal at contact time of 0.6 s. The maximal total yield of the target reaction products (68.7 %) is obtained at 693 K and contact time of 3.6 s.

Багатоатомні спирти у процесі окиснення циклогексану

Quantitative and qualitative influence of the binary catalytic systems containing [cobalt naphthenate – polyhydric alcohol] on liquid-phase homogeneous catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane was considered. Розглянуто кількісний та якісний вплив бінарних каталітичних систем складу [нафтенат кобальту – багатоатомний спирт] на рідиннофазне гомогенно-каталітичне окиснення циклогексану. 

Використання амінокислот в процесі окиснення циклогексану

The basic regularities of influence of amino acid glycine in the homogeneous liquid-phase catalytic cyclohexane oxidation was researched. 
Досліджено  основні  закономірності  впливу  амінокислоти  гліцин  на  рідиннофазне гомогенно-каталітичне окиснення циклогексану.

Початкові стадії реакції окиснення октену-1 молекулярним киснем за наявності іммобілізованого та гомогенного [Rh(Co)2Cl]2

The influence of immobilized and homogeneous Rh-contained complex, [Rh(CO)2Cl]2, on the oxidation reaction of 1-octene by molecular oxygen on the initial stages of process was investigated. It was established that the immobilized as well as homogeneous rhodium complex activate the oxidation reaction in the presence of radical processes initiator – hydroperoxide tert-butyl. It was shown that the usage of the immobilized catalyst allows to reach higher process parameters at lower amount of the applied rhodium complex. 

Вплив амінокислот на процес окиснення циклогексану

Розглянуто гомогенно-каталітичне рідиннофазне окиснення циклогексану в
присутності амінокислот різної будови. Проаналізовано вплив амінокислот на
показники процесу окиснення циклогексану. Визначено, що використання амінокислот
у складі каталітичної системи зменшує швидкість окиснення і збільшує селективність
за цільовими продуктами. Ефективність дії амінокислот у процесі гомогенно-
каталітичного окиснення циклогексану залежить від їх будови: збільшення довжини і

1,3-butadiene and methacrylonitrile obtaining using oxidative conversion of C4 olefins over Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst promoted with BaCl2

The effect of BaCl2 promotor on the catalytic properties of Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst of joint oxidative dehydration and oxidative amonolysis of C4 olefins has been examined. The optimal composition of promoted catalyst has been established taking into consideration methacrylonitrile and butadiene yields. The process kinetics has been investigated

The initial stages of cyclooctene oxidation by molecular oxygen in the presence of tert-butyl hydroperoxide

The initial stages of liquid-phase oxidation of cyclooctene by molecular oxygen in the presence of tert-butyl hydroperoxide were investigated. It was shown that radical formation is the result of bimolecular decomposition of hydroperoxide. The influence of azodiizobutyronitrile on this process was studied. The kinetic parameters of the process were calculated.