Technological and ecological aspects of the practical application of quaternary ammonium salts in production of synthetic emulsion rubbers in Russia

In the review physical and chemical aspects and technological parameters of the rubbers production processes from industrial latex with application of ammonium halogenides, tetraalkylammonium salts, poly-(N,N-dimethyl-2-oxypropyleneammonium) chloride, poly-N,N-dimethyl-N,N-diallylammonium chloride, and his copolymer with SO2 are considered. A significant ecological effect of polymeric flocculants application is shown. 

Fibrous materials as technological additives in the production of butadiene-styrene rubbers and elastoplastics

Prospects of recycling of waste products of fibrous materials (cotton, viscose, kapron) for obtaining of elastic composite materials are shown by creation of fibre-latex composition with subsequent coagulation and vulcanization of the filled rubber. The optimum contents of the fibre and its length is determined.

Vulkanization Peculiarities of Rubbers of General and Special Purpose in the Presence of Zinccontaining Polymer-inorganic Composite

In this work the synthesis technology of zinccontaining polymer - inorganic composite on the basis of products of secondary raw material processing at joint precipitating with carbamide and formaldehyde (ZnCFO) is described. The structure and properties of ZnCFO are investigated by the differential-thermal analysis, electronic microscopy, and IR-spectroscopy. The action of ZnCFO as vulcanization active component of elastomeric compositions on the basis of rubbers of general and special purpose with various vulcanization systems is investigated.

Some Properties of Elastomeric Compositions with High-disperse Carbon Additives

The influence of a carbon nanomaterial obtained in a high-voltage discharge plasma on the endurance of elastomer compositions has been investigated. Complex tests of elastomeric compositions with highly dispersed carbon additives allowed us to confirm the model of nonlinear elastic deformation of macromolecules and adhesion between the elastomer and the nanoparticles.