Алгоритмічна оцінка оптимальності результатів кластеризації за критерієм відстані

The algorithmic approach to the evaluation optimality of clustering results by distance criterion is proposed. The approach is based on solving two-criterion optimization by building and evaluating the optimality criteria in the form of index functions.

Використання кластерного аналізу для виділення експозиційно-орографічних груп ялинових деревостанів українських Карпат

Theoretical framework and methodological approaches to clustering mountain spruce stands Ukrainian Carpathians in the group with regard exposition-orographic characteristics include their location and types of site conditions. According to the research groups of the combined effect types site conditions and exposition-orographic characteristics slopes the peculiarities of growth and established trends and patterns of the dynamics of the main assessments indicators of mountain spruce forests stands of Ukrainian Carpathians.

Realization of hybrid architecture of cluster computing

This article deals with the principles of organization of hybrid architecture of cluster computing based on the use of computing opportunities of the CPU and GPU with support for GPGPU. The advantages and disadvantages of this method of calculation have been analyzed, and the feasibility of realization of parallel programs based on the use of a hybrid architecture of cluster computing has been demonstrated. A software framework that can be used to develop the applications has been implemented on the basis of the proposed programming model.

Use of cluster analysis method to increase the efficiency and accuracy of radar data processing

The article presents a range of solutions to improve the efficiency and accuracy of multiradar data processing using cluster analysis method. For this purpose commend to use cluster analysis method, based on which authors made an improvement for the classical abnormal measurement rejection algorithm and consider a possibility to implement a multithread processing of radar data.

Application of Cluster Approach to the Development of Industrial Potential: Innovative Policy and Management Support

In modern conditions, the role of industrial potential is increasing, which will ensure the modernization of the national economy. The emergence of crisis phenomena of clusterization in the industrial sector of the state is deepening due to the lack of directions in the management of its development.

The algorithm of sensor network lifetime maximization using the concept of virtual nodes

One of the main problems of the requirements of quality of service of wireless sensor networks is to provide fault tolerance. Based on research on energy nodes and routing data, efficiency is paramount to increase the lifetime of the network [1]. In this paper an algorithm of network lifetime maximization is proposed as a promising solution towards a distributed application deployment in wireless sensor networks. There are three cost functions: reading, processing and transmission information; the concept of virtual nodes, which are copies of real nodes.

Methodological principles of definition of economic entity’s competence to forming of innovative-investment industry clusters

In the article the essence of economic entity’s competencies, the importance of creating innovation-investment clusters, ethodology and sequence of determination of economic entity’s key competencies to create innovative investment clusters are considered.