Magnetic hydrogels form a class of soft materials with remote controllable properties that have attracted great attention due to their applications in biomedical engineering, including tissue engineering, drug delivery and release, enzyme immobilization and cancer therapy.


The results of statistical measurements of the resistance of the metal film resistor are given below. The analysis of the dependencies of the standard deviation on the number of measurements σR(N)envisages a tendency of  raising σR with the number of measurements. It indicates that the obtained results are not independent since fluctuations of them are not of “white” noise type. The dependence of the standard deviation of measurement results onN confirms the results of other studies.

Optimal control of the electrical mode of an arc furnace on the basis of the three-dimensional vector of phase currents

In the paper, based on the Fokker--Planck--Kolmogorov equation and the statistical control theory, a mathematical model for the operative synthesis of optimal controlling influences for stabilization of the electric mode of an electric arc furnace in a two-contour structure with a high-speed electric circuit for regulating the arc currents is suggested.


In order to predict ecological safety conserning cocoa dust emission (SP2,5 and SP10), the mathematical modeling of its dispersion was performed considering the atmosphere turbulent diffusion. Necessary gravity sedimentation rate of cocoa dust for modeling was identified during the experimental
researches. Obtained results indicate the necessity of intensification of fine particles emission clean-up in the observed confectionery factory.

Impact of the investigated system’s state on the equivalent measurements dispersion

This paper presents the results of equivalent measurements of electrical resistance of two identical resistive coils. It is suggested that the difference between the RMS of investigated coils is formed as result of their non-equilibrium states. The energy spectrum of resistance fluctuations of investigated coils and the frequency range within which the energy spectrum changes unsignificantly, are determined. 

Поліестери n-стеарил глутамінової кислоти та діолів для створення самостабілізованих дисперсних систем

The factors which allow obtaining stable polymer dispersions in the water of new amphiphilic polyesters based on the polyeterdiols as hydrophilic blocks and N-acylderivatives of glutamic acid as lipophilic blocks were proved. The dependence of the stability of the obtained dispersions on the macromolecule structure and polyoxyethylene fragment molecular mass in its structure was established. The macromolecules of new pseudo-poly(amino acid) according to their colloidal, chemical and biomedical parameters can be used for polymer systems shipping  design of therapeutic means.

Створення композицій гідрогелів як матриць для трансдермальних систем доставки ліків

The possibility of formation of hydrogel compositions based on the reinforced crosslinked polyacrylamide filled with amphiphilic polyesterether nanoparticles for transdermal drug delivery systems is shown. Показана можливість створення гідрогелевих композицій на основі армованого перехреснозшитого поліакриламіду, наповненого наночастинками амфіфільного поліестеретеру, для трансдермальних засобів доставки ліків.

Національний університет “Львівська Політехніка”, кафедра органічної хімії

The cross linked polyesters based on glutamic acid, glycerol and oxyethylene and oxypropylene alcohols were received. It was shown that those polyesters are able to form stabilized dispersion with microsized particles. Отримано перехресно зшиті поліестери на основі глутамінової кислоти, гліцерину та спиртів оксиетиленового та оксипропіленового ряду. Показано що такі поліестери здатні формувати стабільну дисперсію з частинками мікронного розміру

Classification of metal surfaces for statistical picture signs of a dispersion

The paper contains the results of investigation of statistical features based on dispersion and their comparison in conditions of using for metal surface classification. The partitioning of whole set of characteristic values into ranges, which correspond to separate types of metal alloys, is used for classification.

Studies on sedimentation of asphaltene deposits in distillation residues

In this work, experimental methods used for the evaluation of stability of solids in liquids dispersions, are presented. For the characterization of dispersion components, modern analytical techniques, such as tensiometry, scanning and static turbidimetry, have been applied. The influence of selected surface active substances on the dispersion stability was demonstrated.