computer modeling


The directions of energy and resource saving remain a priority in building science. This is especially concerns to the structural elements of mass production. These elements include large concrete blocks of basement walls (foundation blocks), theirs bearing capacity, even in high-rise building, is used only for 30–50 %. Therefore, starting with the widespread establishment in construction, various ways to improve their constructive forms were proposed to reduce their own weight and optimization. One of the most effective ways is cavity formation.

Evolution of the heat fields of Dnipro-Donetsk hollow at the active rifting stage

On the base of computer modeling with calculation of the rock radioactivity was analyzed the behaviour of the heat fields of the central part of DDH in the beginning and in the end of the rifting stage. It was showed, that temperature conditions necessary for activity the process of eclogite metamorphism in the lower layers of the crust took place during all this stage. Another hand, for activizations of process of progressive stage of granulate metamorphism in the lower granite layers it was necessary the process of long heating of the crust during about 10 ml. years.

Modeling of the phone temperature fields of DDH

Using facts of rifting origin and development of Dneprovsko-Donetsky hollow (DDH), it was carried out  computer modeling of the phone temperature fields of the earth crust in the cross sections of Chernigov, Poltava and Harkov megablocks of DDH. It was showed, that visible distinctions of the temperature fields were fixed in the lower and middle parts of the crust, in the upper part, starting from 10 km layer, temperature fields were differed very little.

Computer Designing and Modeling of Technological Processes With High Speed Milling of Hardened Steel

The article presented and explained an algorithm creating a competitive manufacturing technology engineering products from hardened steel. Peculiarities treatment of hardened steel. The possibility of realization of multi-objective optimization process high-speed milling hardened steels based on the finite element method (FEM). A new method for determining the domain of existence of optimal technological modes of processing materials based on FEM.