dynamic fault tree

Modeling the influence of short-term mode of component for non reserved system on its reliability

Aim. To develop an approach for adequately formalizing and calculating reliability using a dynamic fault tree for a two-component system as an example, taking into account the short-term mode of operation of one of the system component. Method. A k-terminal dynamic fault tree is used to formalize reliability. In this tree, the structure and behavior of the system are separated. On the basis of the tree the diagram of states and transitions of the system is developed.

Reliability Determination for Protective Fittings With Taking Into Account Safety Valve Load-Sharing

This paper is devoted to the solving task of property prediction on the basis of analogical inference. The reliability model of safety valves for pressure vessel is proposed. The feature of model is that it is considered load-sharing effect between safety valves. To determine the reliability characteristics dynamic fault tree and Markov model are used.