The essence of declaration on human rights in criminal proceedings

In civilized democratic states, an advocate is an integral factor in the legal system and the main non-state institution for the protection of the individual, his rights and freedoms. Thus, the lawyer, in the fullest sense of the word, defines the right to legal protection or legal assistance provided by lawyers to those in need. Advocacy is an extremely important instrument of democracy, because in essence it is the organization of professional advocates and performs such a public function as protecting the fundamental rights of the individual.

Peculiarities of the human rights protection mechanism in criminal proceedings

Adequate legal protection in the criminal process plays a leading role, as it is an
extremely important and obligatory element of state and public development, and serves as the
basis for the formation of a democratic rule of law and civil society. Building a rule of law is
impossible without respecting the guarantees of human rights protection, without providing a
clear mechanism for the functioning of such a specific democratic institution, such as the bar.
The value of legal institutions that are called upon to protect human rights is growing

Legal determination of behavior:historical-theoretical measurement

The  features  of  the  concept  of  behavior  essential  content  of  which  is  at  the  present  stage 
of  transformation  of  society  is  revealed  through  the  following  categories  and  concepts  like 
«man»,  «society»,  «activity»,  «public»  and  «industrial  relations»,  «social  life»,  «personality» 
etc.  The  behavior  is  considered  as  a  set  of  successive  works  or  system  of  human  action  as 
practical,  real  or  realized  the  effect  that,  first,  there  is  a  kind  of  behavior,  meaningful  set  of 

Ukrainian construction with verbal forms in -no, -to against the background of the neighboring Slavic languages

The article deals with the appearance of impersonal constructions with verbal forms in -no-to and the comparison of their usage in the four Slavic languages: Polish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian.

Legal activity in the economy

The professionalism of the lawyer most complete and versatile manifested in the
activities, behavior and communication. According to scientific sources, activities – a person
active interaction with the environment, during which a person acts as an action focused on an
object and thus satisfy their needs. Activity – specific form of relationship to the world and
himself, as manifested in purposeful change and transformation of the world and human

Peculiarities of Activity Renovation of Zeolite Catalysts Coked in Hexane Cracking

The initial activity of acid zeolites in n-hexane cracking and influence of their regeneration depth on residual activity using the method of discrete-consecutive coke micro oxidation have been investigated. It was found that oxidation by 5-10 pulses of oxygen properly reflects the activity of catalysts based on faujasite and pentasil, while for mordenite which has increased susceptibility to blocking of channels by coke, such quantity of oxygen is not enough.


The article presents the department of architectural environment design phenomenon at Architecture institute of Lviv Polytechnic National University in its conceptual, artistic and time development towards architectural education and profession of the future. 

On the activities of non-governmental organizаtions in Ukraine

The article analyzes main goals of non-governmental organizations that perform their activities in Ukraine. Basic functions of non-governmental organizations, realization of which have some specific external forms, are highlighted. The goal, areas of activities and sources of funding of non-governmental organizations are defined. Drawbacks of non-governmental organization’s activities are noticed. The author of an article suggests his definition of the forms of non-governmental organization’s activities.

Determination of conduct definitions: theoretical and legal aspects

The features of the concept of behavior essential content of which is at the present stage of transformation of society is revealed through the following categories and concepts like “man”, “society”, “activity”, “public” and “industrial relations”, “social life”, “personality” etc. The behavior is considered as a set of successive works or system of human action as practical, real or realized the effect that, first, there is a kind of behavior, meaningful set of works.

Рersonal system social bonds: philosophical and legal aspects

On the philosophical level legal definition of identity is analyzed in the system of social
relations. It was found that personality - one of the basic personality traits, its essential
characteristic, which is determined by the form and manner of being human subjects
conscious activity. Proved that identity formation historically determined system of social
relations culture of a certain age, she gradually takes possession during public life. From that,
what social factors shape a person, independent and individual personality traits. These