The prospects of the pharmaceutical industry development are closely connected with scientific and technological progress. In Ukraine, handling hazardous medical waste is an open question. The rapid development of pharmacy in recent years has created and increased the possibility of the generation and accumulation of pharmaceutical waste at the enterprises and in the environment. Only a few enterprises deal with medical waste disposal. Medical waste recyclingrequires an extremely high level of attention and carriesgreat risks associated with handling this medical waste.

Rate of components evaporation from sulfuric acid solution during its concentrating in air flow

A method of experimental determination of components evaporation rate from a sulfuric acid solution during its concentrating in the flow of neutral gas is proposed. Using this methodology, the dependence of the evaporation rate on the composition of the acid solution is set. The critical value of the weight fraction of water in the solution was found at which the character of this dependence changed. An empirical equation for the approximate calculation of the evaporation rate of components from solution in the air flow was obtained.

Вогнегасна концентрація порошку в привибійному просторі тупикового вироблення

A method for the determination and the results of theoretical studies of concentration and time of filing extinguishing powder based on air flow coming from the vent pipe in bottom hole space deadlock output.

Development of Mathematical Models of External Mass Exchange under Conditions of Vibroextraction from Vegetable Raw Materials

We present results of development of mathematical models of external mass exchange in extraction of desired products from vegetable raw materials and mathematical models for the determination of the minimum time of achievement of the equilibrium state of the system and the current concentration of a soluble substance for their using in the optimization of operation of solid-phase extraction equipment.