This article provides an overview of the poultry manure utilisation issues. It gives a comparative analysis of the methods of composting and vermiculation, production of organic-mineral fertilisers, granulation and thermal drying of the output raw product. Integrated combination of granulation and thermal drying is considered to be the most efficient in the poultry manure processing technology.   

Determination of an Impact of the Composition on the pH Level and the Concentration of Ammonium Nitrogen in Soil of Pustomyty Distract, Lviv Region

This research involves studying the application of palygorskite from Dashukivka Deposit and clinoptilolite from Sokyrnytsia Deposit in production of organic fertilizers prolonged. It is found that maximum ammonia sorption capacity is 1.56・~10-2 mg-eq/g of sorbents. The composition proposed has a positive impact on condition of the studied soils. The pH level of soil solution shifts toward neutral, and the level of ammonium nitrogen is uniform throughout 24 days.

Adsorption of Heavy Metals Ions from Liquid Media by Palygorskite

The process of heavy metals adsorption by natural mineral palygorskite from wastewater and food (apple juice) has been investigated. The purification processes of copper, cadmium, lead, mercury and zinc have been studied. The rational technological parameters of these processes have been determined. The mechanism for heavy metals adsorbtion from juice by palygorskite has been defined.