acetic acid


New catalysts B–P–V–W–Ox/SiO2 of gas-phase condensation of acetic acid from formaldehyde to acrylic acid on an industrial carrier of stable chemical composition (colloidal silicon oxide, Aerosil A-200) were synthesized. It is shown that the hydrothermal treatment of the carrier allows to increase the activity and selectivity of the catalyst in the reactions of aldol condensation of acetic acid with formaldehyde.

Оксалати металів як каталізатори процесу естерифікації

 The features of acetic acid esterification with С4–С5–alcohols in presence of metal oxalates and other organic and inorganic salts as a catalyst have been studied. It has been found that the presence of conjugated double bonds in oxalic acid reduces the electron density on the cation of catalyst, but due to insolubility of oxalic acid salts in the reaction medium effective influence of anion almost disappears.  Досліджені закономірності естерифікації оцтової кислоти спиртами С4–С5 у присутності оксалатів металів та багатьох інших мінеральних і органічних солей.

Кінетика термічного розпаду ацетальдегід- моноперацетату до оцтової кислоти в газовій фазі

In this article the reaction of acetic acid by thermal decomposition aldehidmonoperacetic in the gas phase in the temperature range 90–140 °С was studied. The kinetic parameters of the reaction, an analytical expression for the calculation of rate constants. В інтервалі температур 90–140 °С вивчена реакція утворення оцтової кислоти при термічному розпаді ацетальдегідумоноперацетату в газовій фазі. Розраховані кінетичні параметри реакції, встановлений аналітичний вираз для розрахунку константи швидкості. 

Densities, Excess Volumes and Partial Molar Volumes of Lauryl Methacrylate Solutions in Some Organic Solvents

Densities and excess volumes of the binary systems of lauryl (dodecyl) methacrylate with hexane, benzene, 1,2-diclorethane and acetic acid have been measured as a function of concentration, at 293 K and atmospheric pressure by pycnometric methods. The calculated excess volumes were approximated by polynomials.

Kinetics and Products of 4-Aminotoluene Oxidization by Ozone in the Liquid Phase

The kinetic regularities and mechanisms of oxidation reactions of 4-aminotoluene and its acylation derivatives by the gases that contain ozone in the glacial acetic acid have been studied. The process of liquid-phase catalytic oxidation of 4-acetaminotoluene by ozone in the presence of transition metal salts and their mixtures with potassium bromide to the corresponding acetaminobenzoic acid has been investigated.

The Enthalpy of Mixing of the Laurylmethacrylate with Some Organic Solvents

The enthalpy of mixing for the binary systems of the laurylmethacrylate with hexane, benzene, 1,2-diclorethane and acetic acid have been measured as a function of their composition, the temperature of 293 K and at the atmospheric pressure, by the calorimetric methods. The concentration dependences of the enthalpies of mixing were correlated by polynomials.