Economic and legal principles of protection of property rights in the areas of conducting united forces operation

The article is devoted to the economic and legal principles of protection of property
rights in areas of operation of the united forces in Ukraine. Particular attention is focused
on modern economic and legal challenges and threats, factors of anthropogenic influence
on the sphere of property and ways of their overcoming. The article clarifies the problems
of implementation of economic and legal measures to guarantee the citizens of Ukraine the
right to own, use and dispose of property, factors of creating an effective economic and

Using CAPTCHA technology: pros and cons. Ways to secure from spam-bots attacks.

This paper is devoted to CAPTCHA technology. Algorithms of creation and work of captcha are described. The scheme of how captcha works is also included. The means of encoding and ‘complication’ of decoded text are described. The main ways of automatic captcha’s recognition are described. Also, it is given in examples options of CAPTCHA’s tests. The programing means that do not require user’s actions are considered. By the way, pros and cons of testing captcha are analyzed. In addition, the main problems that may occur during developing captcha are analyzed.

The Protection of Wooden Constructing Materials and Structural Elements of Buildings Against Biological Damage

The methods of wooden building materials protection from biological damage were analysed. Constant technical monitoring is the main preventive measure against damage of structural elements of the wooden buildings. The most effective methods from biological damage are chemical treatment, capillary infiltration, diffusion treatment and impregnation under pressure.

Data Protection With Intellectual Support of Organizational and Technical and Operational Management

For the successful use of modern information technologies, it is necessary to effectively manage not only the network, but also information systems security (ISS), the information system on the level of the system must operate autonomously implementing the management structure of information security events, planning the composition of modular ISS and audit.

Protection of freedom of religion by the European court of human rights (general theoretical aspects)

In the paper is analyzed general theoretical provisions on the freedom of religion as a human (general social) natural law, examined the features of the protection of freedom of religion by the European Court of Human Rights and its importance for legal practice in Ukraine.

Function of defense in the contemporary criminal procedure of Ukraine

The article covers theoretical and legal principles of the function of defense in the contemporary criminal procedure. The analyzed phenomena is studied in terms of its ethimological, notional and theoretical legal elements. The author provides with his own view concerning the content and features of the defense, carried out within criminal procedure.

Biodamages and Protection of Leather and Fur

The paper presents the information about biodamages and protection of leather and fur. The contributors put a special emphasis on rawhide microflora, putrefied hide microflora, effect of prior operations on bioresistance of leather, interesting facts, fur skin structure and properties changes by microorganisms and the methods of leather preservation against microorganism impact.

Classification of Biodamages, Evaluation and Protection Methods

The paper is including information about classification and diagnostics of biodamages, raw materials, materials and products, biostability of materials evaluation methods and methods for material protection against biodamaging. The contributors are discussing the problems of biocides classification, application of antimicrobial materials, requirements to biocides and evaluation methods for antimicrobial properties of biocides

Glass Coatings on the Basis of Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 System for Tin Bronze Protection During Melting

Requirements to properties of protective-technological coatings for the tin bronze melting from secondary raw materials were formulated in the work. The choice of model glasses compositions in the initial Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 system on the basis of the melting parameters values was made. Non-scarce and inexpensive raw materials for protective coatings were selected. Also the best glass composition was determined based on the complex of chosen properties. The formation mechanism of the selected composition glassy melting by using DTА and XRDА was studied.