Development of the doctrine of judicial disposal in the history of criminal law

The article analyzes the development of the doctrine of judicial discretion in the history of criminal law. It has been proven that most of the modern theories of judicial discretion are integrative in nature, reflected in modern criminal codes. For example, the French Criminal Code of 1992 relies on the ideas of the school of “new social protection” and on the concepts and institutions developed by the classical school (in the case of the classification of criminal acts, guilt, insanity).

Comparative analysis of the powers of notarial bodies in Georgia and Ukraine

The article deals with the vital questions of legal regulation of notarial activities in Ukraine. The concept of notary powers is one of the central issues of notarial activities in any of the member states of the International Union of Latin Notaries. The author performs a comparative analysis of the powers of notaries in Georgia and Ukraine. Notary bodies of both Georgia and Ukraine are called upon to protect the subjective rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities that apply to them for making notarial acts.

Worldview basis of scientific understanding of the phenomenon of law in accordance with specific time limits

The article thoroughly and comprehensively explores the essence, historical and legal aspects of formation, evolution, content and basic elements of the principles of law based on the study of legal theory and legal practice, reveals the importance of law for the formation of legal worldview and implementation of rule-making and rule-making practice.

Murder by the mother of a newborn baby: qualification dispute issues

The article is devoted to the analysis of controversial issues of qualification of premeditated murder of the mother of her newborn baby. It is stated that the studied norm of the Criminal Code of Ukraine requires further study and changes. In particular, Art. 117 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine it is necessary to supplement and state the conditions of the psycho-traumatic situation during the murder of the mother of his newborn child in a serious psychophysical state caused by childbirth.

Classification of forms of participation in crime

The article is devoted to the analysis of the question of classification of forms of complicity in crime. It is stated that modern criminal law is quite far from solving the question of a unified approach to the classification of forms of complicity. The current Criminal Code of Ukraine was not able to completely remove the said dispute.

Changes in the tax legal regime of entrepreneurs and self-employed persons in connection with the COVID-19 distribution

The article deals with the current problems, development and public relations in the field of taxation of Ukraine in connection with the spread of COVID-19. The research input focuses on the analysis of the main problems of the current tax system in Ukraine. The issues of particular changes in the tax legal regime of Ukraine, which are related to the implementation of the fiscal (fiscal) and monetary (monetary) policies in the context of quarantine measures, are investigated.

Genesis of human rights development in the modern age

The article deals with the fundamental and ideological ideas of the most famous philosophers of thіs period. The historical formation of the Human Rights Institute has been explored in the far-sighted ideas of prominent thinkers. Yu. Lipsy in his writings states that natural law is a certain human right to life, which is laid by nature itself. He also devotes his attention to the mind and conscience of a person who, as a judge, is called to determine common sense acts and distinguishes them as immoral and moral.

Analysis of the current legislationaimed at comba ting illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or precursors

The problem of drug addiction is a global one for society, since the essential sign is more socioeconomic than medical and legal, requiring the fight not with drug addicts, but with drug addiction as a phenomenon.

Formation of the human rights institute in the Middle ages

The article examines the worldview ideas of the most famous thinkers such as Thomas
Aquinas, Marseille Padua, and Niccolo Machiavelli, who have developed fundamental ideas of
human rights through their work, and their teaching is a great legacy for the modern world.
Thomas Aquinas paid special attention to the moral virtues of man, highlighting justice as the
most important of them. He also substantiated the basic prerequisites for the creation and
functioning of the state as a tool for the achievement of the common good and good while

Concepts of legal culture as a compositionof a democratic legal state

Building a democratic, rule of law is unthinkable without affirmation of justice, legal andmaterial protection of the individual, mutual responsibility of the individual and the state, improvementof legislation and legal culture as a whole. State-legal and national-cultural revival is possible only oncondition of respect for its own history, its philosophical and philosophical humanistic traditions, whichunderlie our mentality, determine the nature of the nation and the essence of legal culture.