Crimes against religious freedoms: foreign experience

The article is devoted to the analysis of criminal legal protection of religious freedoms of
citizens in foreign countries. Analyzing the content of the criminal law of many countries in the
world, related to the protection of religious freedoms of citizens, concluded that most of them
provide for such rules.At the same time, some of the existing Criminal Code do not criminalize
acts in this area. Such, for example, is the Criminal Code of France, the Criminal Code of

Depenalization as a method of criminal-law policy

The article is devoted to analysis of depenalization as a method of criminal-law policy. It
is concluded that the lack of a common understanding of the concept and essence of
depenalization does not allow the full implementation of this method of criminal-law in
practice. At the same time, he could act as one effective instrument for reforming domestic
criminal law in the context of the declared humanization of criminal responsibility and
punishment. It would seem that in this way it would be possible to significantly reduce the

Theoretical and legal analysis of the relationship between the state and the christian religion in the «philosophy of law» Hegel

Analyzed scientific views of the great German philosopher Hegel’s dialectic relationship
and on relations between the state and the Christian religion. In his work «Philosophy of Law»
German philosopher deeply and comprehensively reveals the role and place of state not only in
the development and functioning of society, but also the Christian religion as an important
institution in the formation of spirituality and high morality in society.

Order of formation, structure and authority of the two parliament in Ukraine

The research is devoted to the consideration of problematic issues of the introduction of a bicameral parliament in Ukraine. It is proposed to form the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from two chambers: the lower one – the House of Representatives and the upper – the Chamber of Regions, so that the lower chamber consisted of 189 deputies, and the upper chamber – 27 deputies. In total, the parliament would have 216 deputies.

Philosophical and legal sources of citizenship

In this article I try to analyze the philosophical and legal sources of the concept of citizenship, its essence and legal nature. Specifically, I want to emphasize the ancient chronologic political and historical phase of its evolution, when the concept of citizenship was founded with the precise philosophical and legal interpretation and legislative adoption, which
remains duly till now.

Methodology law as an organized form of world of thinking and investigator

The article deals with the methodological  situation in modern jurisprudence. It is stressed that its main feature is the conversion  from the  monistic totality of the researching methods of the philosophical-methodological  pluralism. Established that the philosophical basis of research is pluralistic methodology that combines equal content and origin essence methods. The definition of “methodologies law”, as the study of the structure, logical organization, principles, methods, means and forms of cognition researcher during his reserched state-legal phenomena.

Problem deviations in the legal system socio-cultural changes

On the basis of a thorough analysis of scientific papers highlighted the problem of deviations in the legal system of social and cultural change. It was found that the phenomenon of deviance ambivalent nature and can mean both negative and positive social change. In the scientific literature rejection divided into primary and secondary. Those terms that society is negligible, considered primary, and subjects who commits them, do not qualify as devianta because they do not violate social norms.

Human rights and freedoms in the philosophy of law ukrainian populists: origin and formation

The article investigates the features of formation of the populist philosophy of law and the philosophical and legal ideas in Ukraine. The article analyzes the development of philosophical thought in the context of European philosophical and legal culture and the roots of its own formation. The basic ideas of the relationship between the position of human rights with notions of power and state in philosophical and legal concepts Ukrainian populists, their views on natural law.