On the basis of field studies of rural residential areas, performed in 2016, which were designed and built for out-migrants from the Chernobyl zone in 1986-1987, the author analyzes their evolution, the 30-year period of their operation for the purpose of matching development planning decisions the real needs of rural inhabitants.

Formation of Greek Catholic Church Organizational Structure in United States: Parishes as Centers of National and Cultural Life of Ukrainian Emigration (1884–1914)

The study focus is given to the initial stage of formation of Greek Catholic Church in the United States. Certain common features, peculiarities, difficulties and conditions of parishes forming process are analysed. New criteria for morecomplete study are suggested in view of the historiography problem of parishes establishment dating. The statistics, geography, dates and dynamics of main parishes, general amount of churches, priests and parishioners are explored in the paper on the basis of historical sources.

Formation of Mechanism of Industrial Potential Development State Administration

The article reveals the substance of the category of “mechanism” and analyzes approaches to its formation as an element of the management system.  Conceptual principles of management mechanism of industrial potential development using subject-object approach are defined. There are identified the elements of the state administration mechanism based on micro- and macroeconomic “resource – result” models and on the receipt of the best possible result with the optimal combination of different functional blocks.

Formetive, historical and philosophical review

In the article the process of identity formation in historical and philosophical context, the evolution of establishment and development of socio-natural and legal determinant of human beings. Analyzed the phenomenon of individual rights and as an object of reflection philosophical and legal, historical and philosophical science

Personal worldview, humanistic conceptualism

The article deals with the philosophical and legal analysis of personal philosophy through the prism of humanistic conceptualism and therefore formulated the theoretical and  methodological basis of the abovementioned issues. It was found that the presence of cognitive and emotional values of the components and their organic combination creates conditions for ideological correlation identity, a process which with varying intensity and direction is for all human life.

Concept personal development of individuals in the philosophical and legal views of modern times

The article analyzes the concept of the personal development of the individual in philosophical and legal views of modern times. It is proved that the realization of the essence of the individual is depending on internal guidelines on the existence or ownership, so it can be productive or unproductive. Thoroughly analyzed the doctrine of freedom as it is in the New Time is the main basis of creating a new image of man in the philosophical and legal space.

Обумовини розвитку науки і техніки на порозі ХХІ століття

In this paper the possible directions of further development of science and technology are presented. The choice of these areas is subjective, and the demographics are taken into account, because people are simultaneously creators and consumers. Displaying advances in technology supported by science, without which these achievements would not have been. Attention is paid to the development of the economy, which in a general sense is identified with increasing prosperity.

Assessment of the stability of the national economy development in the postindustrial society

The article presents the results of the national economy development stability assessment in the postindustrial society. The method of assessment based on the efficient state management under optimal economic, innovation and investment, and social conditions is proposed.

Development human resource management at enterprises

The article under consideration is an attempt at analyzing the tools of workers’
development management. Five groups of factors have been distinguished and their connection
with the participants of the development process have been provided. Within the suggested
grouping we have applied general factors, couching participant qualities and the factors of
couch’s influence on the couching interrelation process.
Under the conditions of economic crisis results overcoming an enterprise staff development is

Analysis integration strategy and tactics business development

Reveals the importance of feasibility study in the process of objective criteria for stable
operation of the business in the context of integration of tactics and strategy of its
development, formulation parameters of efficiency. The urgency and the direction of analysis
and integration of strategies and tactics of business method and its implementation.
There area number of factors that cause imbalances in the strategy and tactics of
market reform at the national macro level that is not conducive to achieving the desired