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The  current  article  describes  the  results  of  the  study  of  the  neural  networks  temperature  prediction  error dependence  on  measurement  errors,  which  are  random,  nonlinear  and  multiplicative  errors.  It  is  noted  applicability  of  the architecture of neural network for temperature prediction. The formula of temperature step response for ideal sensor is given. 


Current article considers the results of the study of air and water flow temperature prediction error on the number of  inputs  in  neural  network.  Authors  guide  the  architecture  of  neural  network  for  temperature  prediction.  The  formula  of temperature step  response  for  real sensor  is given. Also,  the method  for  calculating  the  time  constants  for  the  temperature step response formula using real measurement data is considered.

Algorithmic and software means of handwritten symbols recognition.

In this article is considered the algorithm of logistic regression and construction of the neural network for the recognition of handwritten symbols in the image. Examples of implementation of two approaches for solving the problem of numerical recognition are given. The efficiency of using a neural network, as the provision of the most reliable recognition results, is explored.


Current article describes the results of the study of the error of temperature values prediction using neural networks. In the introduction, the authors consider previous research pointing out problems that arise during measuring the high temperatures. To solve these problems the neural networks applies. The formula for temperature transition process is derived.

Метод каскадного застосування компресуючої нейронної мережі та методів контекстного моделювання

A variant of consistent application of the compressive neural network and context modeling techniques for efficient data compression, including images and audio signals is being viewed. The method is based on the representation of intermediate storage archive in a fixedpoint format and provides improved performance of compression coefficient and quality of primary data reproduction.

Neural networks as a tool for the temperature value prediction using transition process

The present article considers neural networks as a tool for the temperature prediction using transition process. The authors emphasize the need to measure high temperatures in technological processes and indicate problems encountered on this way. The method proposed to solve this problem is neural networks application.

Temperature value prediction errors using neural networks and ideal transition process

The present article describes the results of the study of the prediction error of temperature values using neural networks. In the introduction, the authors point out problems that arise (come up) during the measurement of high temperatures. The method proposed to solve these problems is neural networks application. At the very beginning the authors present a neural networks classification based on their architecture (feedforward neural networks, recurrent neural networks and completely linked neural networks were specially highlighted).

Data classification of spectrum analysis using neural network

This article provides the comparison of libraries neural networks. Based on this analysis was determined to develop a neural network for classification of spectra based on Encog library, because it implemented many components and gives the best result with a small number of items for training. Showed the architecture of neural networks for data classification of spectral analysis.

Study of the hamming network efficiency for the sucker-rod oil pumping unit status identification

The oil extraction process requires continuous monitoring of the oil well equipment operation. One of the most effective methods of the on-line control of sucker-rod pumps operation is obtaining information from the force sensor in the polished rod or the current sensor of the pump jack driving motor. In many cases, timely troubleshooting and preventive repair allow saving large costs. Therefore, studies in the area of developing diagnostic systems and, on their basis, creating automated control systems for sucker-rod pumping units (SRPU) are of topical value.

About some design principles of information-retrieval system and processing of electronic documents in internet

The paper analyzes the main trends of search the basic direction and identifying the priority of electronic documents handling in the Internet. The technical principles of construction of information retrieval system and ability to use linguistic processor and neural networks for solving problems determining the importance of consideration the input documents were grounded. The object of the study was the decision support systems designed to determine priority of review incoming documents.