functional model

Intelligent Information System “Smart Lock” for the Protection of Apartments

Intelligent information system “Smart lock” for the protection of apartments is considered and described. A general description of smart homes and the relevance of their use is made. Described an issue which appear when using smart home devices. Examples of two existing similar models are provided: SmartLock and Schlage Sense Smart Lock. An analysis of their advantages and disadvantages is made to take this information into account for the device that going to be created. A brief description of up-to- date information on face recognition techniques is provided.

Problems and prospects of estimating Earth deformation fields from geodetic data

Aim. Analysis of the current state of solving the problem the estimating of earth deformation fields based on continuum mechanics, improving traditional methods the estimating of horizontal deformations, definition an alternative approach and justification of ways and the algorithm of solving the problem based on it. Methodology and results. The analysis showed some shortcomings of traditional solving of the problem. In order to minimize their impact the improved method of mathematical and cartographic modeling of linear deformations is proposed.