instrument correction

A study of devices used for geometric parameter measurement of engineering building construction

The aim. To study the abilities of electronic tacheometers to control geometric parameters of engineering constructions. Methods. The analysis of standard-setting documents for conducting geodetic works in industrial production and construction was carried out. The methods and devices used for this purpose were explored. Results. It is proposed to use electronic tacheometer and special methodology for such tasks. For this purpose, the research of a distance-measuring theodolite of an electronic tacheometer was conducted.

Method of measuring of exemplary basis of second category for verification of electronic total stations

Linear-angular intervals method of determining a exemplar basis for category 2 for verification of electronic total stations is proposed in the article. Experimental measurements on exemplary second level the basis were carried out by proposed method. The accuracy of segments, determined by the proposed method, obtained by comparison with direct measurements performed using 0.001 mm precision control meter.