Principles of Monitoring and Control of the Network of Charging Stations of Electric Vehicles

This paper explores the principles of construction, monitoring, management, and safety organization in the network of charging stations for electric vehicles. The use of elements of modern client-server technologies and elements of cyber-physical systems in such networks is offered. The basic structure of the cyber-physical control system of the charging station network has been developed. Network server and client tools have been researched and developed. Structural and functional server solutions and client parts are submitted.

Assessment of environmental conditions within the limit of the riparian water protection strips using the WEBGIS technology

Abstract. The goal of this research is the assessing of the current conditions of water protection strips in their role as an effective buffer that prevents water bodies from deteriorating due to soil erosion and pollution. In base of this study the action plan is developing to improve the conditions of the water protection strips for the lakes. The  approach focused on the idea of an empirical study (based on observations and field measurements) on the environmental quality.

Circular Model of Interaction of Enterprise Innovation Capacity and Exports

In the current conditions of globalization and European integration, the need for the development of innovative economy and activation of export activity, innovation capacity is one of the key drivers of export diversification towards science-intensive products. An important prerequisite for starting and developing export activity is not only the availability of sufficient innovation potential, but also the willingness, need and feasibility of introducing and commercializing innovative products in foreign markets.

Improvement of the Quality Management System for the Building Materials Production Enterprises

The article describes the importance of implementing and monitoring a quality management system based on the example of the building materials industry. A concise analysis of the market according to the recent years` indicators was conducted, which highlights the industry importance in the domestic economy. Among the qualitative factors affecting competitiveness, the main tool is the production quality management system.


In the article the main scientific activities and the main stages of the work of professor Beata Kowalska has been presented. The main scientific research embracing  studies on the quality of potable water, studies aiming at devising the tools and methods facilitating water quality control in a water supply network, also studies aiming at devising the methods facilitating the operational activities, necessary for a correct functioning of water supply systems have been discussed.

Electronic system of biometric control of psychophysiological state of pilots

The physical phenomena underlying the methods of pulse oximetry and electrocardiography used in medical diagnostics of blood vessels are analyzed. While studying the data processing algorithms, we selected the most optimal one that is based on nonparametric criteria of mathematical statistics. This allowed us to conduct a real-time diagnosis of the physiological state in the complex under development.

Influence of geological structures on the nature of riverbed displacements for the rivers of the Dnister basin upper part

Aim of work is to investigate the influence of the Precarpathian bend and the Volynian-Podolian upland for the nature of displacement of the Dnister River tributaries and to determine stability of river channels. The object of this research is the Dnister River and its left and right tributaries. Considering the main factors influencing the nature of the horizontal riverbed displacements caused by both natural and anthropogenic factors, special attention is focused on the geological structures in the area on which Dnister River and its tributaries flow. Methods.


Managing the effectiveness of the organization is one of the main functions of the professional activities of the newest Ukrainian managers. Managing the effectiveness of the organization is a continuous process that logically covers the actions and procedures of the linear manager in a single chain according to the logic of meaningful activity: from the formulation of goals to control the achieved results. The main consequence of the evolution of performance management over the last decade is to focus not only on goals but also on means.


The intensity of heavy metals, natural and anthropogenic radionuclides are studied in the cultivated plants and soil in the vicinity of the western coast of Georgia. It is shown that the intensity of their accumulation depends on the type of plant, the place of sampling and the ecological zone. The highest rate of natural radionuclides is 40K, and the lowest - 226Ra, from the technogenic radionuclides the high-quality activeness is characterized to 137Cs, and its accumulation is the highest in the soil. From the hard metals, the plants most actively absorb lead and cadmium.

Monitoring System of Technological Processes of “Smart Enterprise”

It is determined that the main tasks for the monitoring of technological processes at an enterprise are the collection, storage, visualization, preliminary analytical and intellectual processing of technological data in real time. The requirements have been formed and the principles of developing a monitoring system for technological processes in the enterprise have been selected, the main ones are modularity, system integration, openness and compatibility.