Основні підходи до моніторингу та аналізу якості туристичної документації

In this article the role of tourism in conditions of consistent information society improvement has been considered. The definition of the tourism documentation concept and its classification by types are defined. The main approaches to the monitoring and analysis of the tourism documentation quality have been described. The necessity of these approaches application for the tourism products realization is emphasized and the main components of documentation quality are highlighted.

Monitoring the commercial potential of intellectual technologies

The model of monitoring the commercial potential level of intellectual technologies (intellectual property objects) using the arctangent function is developed and substantiated. The correlation between the level of the technological product quality and the level of the business risk concerning the product’s introduction and consumption serves as the basis for the model. Four characteristic sets of the monitoring function values are identified; in every set there are provided appropriate recommendations for companies.

Monitoring and analysis of technical low-frequency magnetic noise in Kyiv

Artificial magnetic field variations study results carried out in Kiev are represented in this publication. Artificial component of magnetic field in frequency band from 10-6Hz to 1 Hz has been experimentally studied for the first time. It was shown that man-made variation sources with intensity from tens to hundreds nanotesla have electrical and ferromagnetic nature mostly. Daily rhythm of artificial variations is caused by people activity timetable.

On hydrogeological response of the ground waters in Ukrainian and Moscow massifs to catastrophic earthquakes

The results of the hydro-geological and seismic data co-processing have been represented for the sites of DHE "Dneprogeofizika", the Institute of Geophysics NAS of Ukraine and the Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS, which allow to follow the relationship of hydrogeological response to the type of earthquake's seismic waves and presence of post-seismic effects in the groundwater level variations.

Some aspects of the control of the virtual environment in Ukraine

The article raises questions of improvement of administrative regulation control virtual space in Ukraine in the context of the experience of the EU countries and ways of enhancing the effectiveness of the authorities in this area. The features of virtual space in a legal context, principles, objectives, methods and forms of control of virtual space, the subjects of the control activity.

Seismicity and the stressed state of the starobin potassium salt deposit in Belarus

Purpose. To carry out the investigations in the the East European Platform southwest with a special emphasize made on the Soligorsk region, where the Starobin deposit of potassium salts of the Late-Devonian age is located. The interest of scientists to just this region is explained by the fact that a swarm of crustal earthquake foci is restricted within this deposit area, which is in marked contrast to other seismic events that are few and far between and rather evenly distributed over the other territory of Belarus. Methods.

Natural factors of activation the exogenous processes at technogenically modified sites of the salt deposits of the Precarpathians

Purpose. Evidently demonstrating of the geological processes and conditions and briefly justify the selection of monitoring, influencing the development of the salt karst and identify the main directions of their research. Methodology.

Monitoring of geological and hydrological conditions of ways mining sulfur carpathian basin

Based on monitoring revealed complex geological and hydrological conditions sirkonosnoho Carpathian Basin. Among them special value and have obvodnenist zakarstovanist pool area, a different depth and power of ore formation. Given this, it became necessary to use complex methods of development of individual deposits of sulfur.


Results of geodetic control of stress-strain state of RCO of NPP with ВВЕР-1000

On case example for the results of the geodesic control of geometric parameters ZORO is appreciated the influence of works as to pull of armatures bunches on tensely-deformed state acknowledging the effectiveness of geodesic works generally program as to ensuring of operational reliability RB APS with WWER-1000.