Study of horizontal displacements of the channel of Dniester river using remote sensing data and GIS-technologies

Aim. The aim of the work is to research the method of studying horizontal displacements in the channel of the Dniester river from town Galich to town Zalishchiki using topographic maps of different periods, special maps, and space images. Such an integrated approach of using various data for receiving input information about the river bed together with processing in ArcGIS made it possible to monitor the displacements of the channel, and to determine displacement values over a significant period of time.

Informativity of geomagnetic monitoring in the Transcarpathian active seismic zone

The results of geomagnetic monitoring during investigations of seismic-tectonic processes in the in the Transcarpathian active seismic zone are shown. Tectonic-magnetic anomalies with different duration and intensity were detected. Connection of their spatial-temporal features with seismic events was defined. The conclusion about the informativity of geomagnetic monitoring in the Transcarpathian active seismic zone for definition of local earthquakes precursors (with M>3 magnitude in existing network) in the geologicalgeophysics conditions of the Transcarpathians trough was done.

Dynamic Monitoring Of The Historic Centre Buildings For A Solar Elements Arrangement

The possibilities of integrating the solar power elements into formed environment of historic cities are considered in the article. Using the example of a historic city area of Chernivtsi it has been realized a multi-level dynamic monitoring of the buildings and presented the results of preliminary calculations of an energy efficiency of a roof photoelectric elements installation.

Моніторинг забруднення стічних вод молокопереробних підприємств

The pollution of wastewater of dairies products was monitored. The composition of the wastewater and its impact on the environment took place. The technological scheme of sewage treatment dairies was proposed. 
Проведено  моніторинг  забруднення  стічних  вод  продуктами  молокопереробних підприємств.  Встановлено  склад  відходів  та  їх  вплив  на  навколишнє  середовище. Запропоновано  технологічну  схему  очищення  стічних  вод  молокопереробних підприємств. 

Vending Cyber Physical Systems Architecture

In this work organization and principles of multilevel vending cyber physical systems (VCPS) development have been examined. VCPS purposes and functions on each level as well as interlevel interaction have been described, as well as the classification of vending machines has been offered. The results of analytical system work have been shown graphically.

Концепція автоматизації процесу контролю технологічного стану промислових трубопровідних систем, посудин і резервуарів

The problem of construction of software maintenance and corrosion monitoring of pipeline systems, and provides automation and flow diagram of interaction modules. Using the developed software is indicated mode of technological schemes. The means to identify and diagnose equipment resource including corrosion.

Основні підходи до моніторингу та аналізу якості туристичної документації

In this article the role of tourism in conditions of consistent information society improvement has been considered. The definition of the tourism documentation concept and its classification by types are defined. The main approaches to the monitoring and analysis of the tourism documentation quality have been described. The necessity of these approaches application for the tourism products realization is emphasized and the main components of documentation quality are highlighted.

Monitoring the commercial potential of intellectual technologies

The model of monitoring the commercial potential level of intellectual technologies (intellectual property objects) using the arctangent function is developed and substantiated. The correlation between the level of the technological product quality and the level of the business risk concerning the product’s introduction and consumption serves as the basis for the model. Four characteristic sets of the monitoring function values are identified; in every set there are provided appropriate recommendations for companies.

Monitoring and analysis of technical low-frequency magnetic noise in Kyiv

Artificial magnetic field variations study results carried out in Kiev are represented in this publication. Artificial component of magnetic field in frequency band from 10-6Hz to 1 Hz has been experimentally studied for the first time. It was shown that man-made variation sources with intensity from tens to hundreds nanotesla have electrical and ferromagnetic nature mostly. Daily rhythm of artificial variations is caused by people activity timetable.