Individualism in creativity is  one of  foundation.  Nevertheless that  understanding of creativity neediness  is   deficient today. The category combine, as theory and practice by  itself. For identifying individuality, we can use such  architectural categories as style, boundary, norm, scale, and fundamental philosophical category as character, identity, method, phenomenon.

The Method of Primary Processing of Poorly Structured Medical Data

The article deals with the approach to the primary processing of poorly structured medical protocol textual data stored and disseminated as pdf files. The relevance of this work is due to the lack of a universal structure for the presentation of medical protocols and methods of their processing. In the course of the work, the problem of primary processing of clinical protocol data was solved by the example of a unified clinical protocol of primary, secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) medical care.

Basic approaches of evaluation of value and possibility of application to the transport enterprises

To calculate the value of an enterprise, it is necessary to use the approaches and methods of valuation and to choose the most suitable for a particular enterprise. The article discusses methodological approaches that are legally established in Ukraine, such as profitable, cost and comparative. Also considered are synthetic methods of valuing an enterprise that cannot be directly attributed to any of the traditional approaches. This is an optional approach and one based on the model of Edward Bell Olson. They combine the benefits inherent in each of the main traditional approaches.

Jurisprudence in the context of scientific theories of the present

The pressing questions of methodology of cognition of scientific theories are considered. The scientific theories of modern jurisprudence, their structure are investigated. Development of jurisprudental theories is grounded in the general structure of scientific theories. Pay attention to the organization of law as a science. The problem of cost freedom of science, that us will interest different character and touch, is considered. It be comes firmly established that every science uses the tool of logic.

Quatification Methods of the Checks and Balances System Study

The article deals with the main quantification methods of the system of checks and balances. Taking into account the main historical stages of the development of ideas concerning the functioning of the checks and balances system, on the basis of the comparative method, the main features of understanding the functioning of different aspects of checks and balances system by using mathematical methods are emphasized.

Selection of methods for Searching Some or Similar Images

The article describes the research of image analysis methods. The methods of indexing images for the search of duplicate images, as well as methods for finding similar images based on the definition of key points are described. The prototype of the system was created, and testing of the described methods was carried out. The result of the analysis became the basis for the information system project of reverse search of similar or identical images.

To questionnaire of construction communication on the creation of informed methodology

The article is devoted to the problems of the theory of the cognitive process, which is connected not only with the establishment of the truth, but with the presence of unequal approaches to the methodology of philosophical and legal science. The issue of the reversibility of the process of cognition, ethical knowledge, which has moral and value criteria, which should be discussed in order to develop the knowledge of the integrative methodology, has been violated.

Circumstances, to be proved during the conduct of pre-trial investigation passengers thefts committed on railway transport of Ukraine

The article analyzes the peculiarities of circumstances to be proved in the pre-trial investigation passengers thefts committed on the railways of Ukraine. Examines the main theoretical and methodological approaches to define the circumstances subject to proof in criminal proceedings. Proven that are listed in article the circumstances require findings and evidence in all criminal proceedings on the fact of theft of personal property of passengers committed on railway transport of Ukraine.

Metodological bases study of the phenomenon of crime on religious grounds as a socio-legal phenomenon

The methodology generally has two meaning: as a system-defined methods and techniques used in a particular field – science, politics, etc., and as the study of this system as a general theory of method, theory in action. Therefore, the methodology – a philosophical theory of system methods of scientific knowledge and the transformation of reality, and the doctrine of the application of the principles of the laws of dialectics and science to the process of learning and practice in the interest of acquiring new knowledge.

Conceptualisation of notions “model” and “modelling” in scientific studies

Some particular aspects of modeling method in scientific research have been outlined in the article. Philosophic maxims on which the model concept is based were suggested. The generalized model definition, its characteristics and typology were represented in the article