The Earthquake in Kryvyi Rih 14-01-2011 as a local result of seismotectonic and man-caused processes

In the paper the results of the conducted analysis of records of the registered seismic event which was take place 2011.01.14 in Kryvyi Rig and arguments in favour of determine this event as earthquake are presented.

Application of mathematical models for improvement of “cloud” data processes organization

The paper presents the main approaches to distributed organization of data in computer networks processing and organization of distributed applications. The main approaches to organization of distributed computing systems are described. The conception of GRID computing and comparative analysis of technologies and architectures of "cloud computing" and GRID systems creation are outlined. The estimations of the advantages and disadvantages of computing processes in web-systems are presented. The analysis of analytical models of cloud computing nodes is made.

Vending Cyber Physical Systems Architecture

In this work organization and principles of multilevel vending cyber physical systems (VCPS) development have been examined. VCPS purposes and functions on each level as well as interlevel interaction have been described, as well as the classification of vending machines has been offered. The results of analytical system work have been shown graphically.

Automation of technological processes of assembly modules

The methods of the development of technological modular processes to assemble the article parts of various types are described in this article. Features consist in the creation of an open general database to determine groups of objects that will be assembled by a modular technological process. Depending on the task, design can have technological, organizational, construction or economic related areas.

Концептуальна модель бази даних збірки М.Номиса "Українські приказки, прислів’я і таке інше"

One of the tasks of preserving the cultural heritage in Ukraine is the digitalization of the national achievements in the sphere of culture and art which include many lexicographic works. One of their electronic forms is a lexicographic database. The collection “Ukrainian adages, proverbs and the like” by M. Nomys belongs to such national achievements. The article is dedicated to the construction of a conceptual model of the database for this collection.

Інтеграція інформаційної системи бібліотеки у інформаційне середовище ВНЗ

The authors reviewed the task, technology, and algorithms for integration of library information systems with information systems of the university. The paper describes technological issues of the development and implementation of web-module for automated analysis of books availability for the university educational process.

Концептуальна модель інформаційної системи прийняття рішень з контролю електропостачання

In the article describes methods of collecting, analyzing and processing of information in the case of energy supply. The systems analysis of the subject area and the conceptual model of the database and structure information support.

Інформаційна інтелектуальна система діяльності кінопрокату

In the article researched and analyzed the problems associated with the filmmaking and film distribution in Ukraine. Considered the basic principles of information intelligent system of the film distribution activity. Proposed the model of knowledge of the intellectual component of intellectual information system and its practical implementation in the form of expert system to provide advice to the client on a movie.