Formation of gender linguistics term system

In the article the gender linguistics term system is considered. Some of the problems in the terminology formation, including difficulties in identifying its composition, the presence of a significant number of synonyms and variations, differences regarding definitions and spelling of certain terms are outlined. It’s emphasized that the analyzed term system while in its infancy requires a comprehensive study, normalization and standardization.

An estimation of cross-spectral components for periodically non-stationary random processes

Correlations between harmonic components of random processes is a feature of signal non-stationarity. In the case of periodically non-stationary random processes (PNRP) correlate harmonics distant one from another on frequencies, what multiple to value T, T - period of non-stationarity [1, 2]. Since faults appearance in rotating elements of mechanical systems leads to periodical non-stationarity of vibration signals when searching of correlations between harmonic components can lay in the base for defects detection [1, 3-5].

Methods of evaluating investment risks

The approaches to the formation of the investment risks essence, their classifying features and the methods of their assessment are summarized. The basic constituents of the investment risk nature as an economic category are substantiated. The main methods of evaluating investment risks are analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the intuitive part of the process of making investment decisions. The major factors affecting the choice of the investment risks analyzing methods are singled out.