cluster analysis


The results of the research of the adsorption capacity of a number of sorbents of natural and synthetic origin for ammonium ions have been clustered. The natural zeolite of the Sokyrnytsia deposit, a synthetic sorbent based on the fly ash of Dobrotvir state district heat power plant, Al2O3, SiO2, as well as some types of soil: sandy soil, black soil, and clay were used in the research. Equations describing the regularities of adsorption processes depending on the type of sorbent were obtained. According to the obtained dendrograms, two main clusters of sorbents were identified.

Assessment of the Level of Development of European Countries In the Context of the Sustainable Development Model With the Application of Fuzzy Sets Theory Methods

To assess the achievement of goals in the context of implementing a sustainable development model, we are considering the methodical and applied tools based on the use of the theory of fuzzy sets and the technology of implementing the model of communication between its individual indicators, which should be used in developing scenarios of strategic development of Ukraine

Quatification Methods of the Checks and Balances System Study

The article deals with the main quantification methods of the system of checks and balances. Taking into account the main historical stages of the development of ideas concerning the functioning of the checks and balances system, on the basis of the comparative method, the main features of understanding the functioning of different aspects of checks and balances system by using mathematical methods are emphasized.


The essence of the health resort complex is revealed in the article. Peculiarities of the
subjects of health resort activity in the context of their orientation, belonging, socio-economic
effect, influence on related areas, global role, and subordination are described.
The typology of subjects of health resort activity in the current normative-legal acts is
investigated. The difference in approaches to the selection of types of health resorts by a
number of institutions of Ukraine is described.

Fiscal policy studyiing of the state regulation of technogenic losses in the national economy

In order to study fiscal policy on state regulation of man-made damage to the national
economy, the theoretical principles of application of its instruments under conditions of
incomplete information and uncertainty of the future have been summarized in this paper.
According to objectives of the research tasks appropriate level of environmental taxes on
factors of the levels of man-made damage to the national economy, and the study of features of
fiscal policy means cluster analysis and the formation of approaches to the selection of effective

Застосування кластерного аналізу для опрацювання даних земельного кадастру

Procedures of data mining based on prediction of time series for land cadastre data are described in this article. Principles required for the development of the method of forecasting using time serious are examined. Mathematical model is developed. The task of predicting land resources use in Striyskyi Park in Lviv is technically realized.

Застосування кластерного аналізу для діагностики дієвості господарського механізму торговельних підприємств

In the article the theoretical principles and the methodological and practical recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the economic mechanism of operation of commercial enterprises are introduced and grounded. The role and place of the economic mechanism in the economic mechanism of the enterprise is studied. The possibility of using the method of cluster analysis for evidence-based segmentation of commercial enterprises is revealed.

Ідентифікація проблемних ситуацій та їх станів у складних технічних системах з використанням модифікованого алгоритму ФОРЕЛ

The article describes the features of the identification of problem situations and their states using the modified algorithm FOREL of clasterization. The main difference of the modified algorithm from the classical one is the user’s ability to set the quality score for clusters, which makes the algorithm flexible in analyzing problem situations and states in complex technical systems.

Ієрархічний агломеративний кластерний аналіз одновимірних асиметрично розподілених даних у середовищі MS Excel

Hierarchical anglomerative information technology cluster analysis of objects onedimensional data samples of different volumes is presented. This technology is implemented in an environment MsExcel-2003.

Інформаційна технологія ідентифікації проблемних ситуацій та їх станів у складних технічних системах

The article contains information technology for identification of problematic situations and their states in complex technical systems, which is based on a method that is based on the information model identification process and modified clustering algorithms such situations FOREL and K-MEANS.