geometrical parameters

Structural and Kinematic Synthesis of the 1-DOF Eight-Bar Walking Mechanism with Revolute Kinematic Pairs

Problem statement. The use of existing and the most widespread drives (wheeled and caterpillar one) is sometimes limited by complicated operational conditions while moving on rough terrain. The mentioned drives require a relatively flat surface to be operated effectively. A rocky or a hilly terrain imposes the demand of the use of alternative types of drives, in particular, walking ones.

Structure and Kinematic Synthesis of Crank-and-slider Walking Mechanism in Order to Ensure the Prescribed Path of Supporting Foot Motion

The prospects of usage of walking drives in mobile robotic systems are overviewed. The structure of crank-and-slider mechanism was synthesized on order to ensure the prescribed motion path of the supporting foot. The problems of kinematics of crank-and-slider mechanism are considered and the equations of the supporting foot motion are deduced. The geometrical parameters of the walking mechanism are determined taking into account the advanced values of step length and foot raising hight.

Structural and Kinematic Analysis Inertia Reel Compilation Shovel Horizontal-axis Wind Turbines

Different constructions of inertial mechanisms of blades folding of horizontal-axis wind turbines are considered in the article. Their structural analysis is held and analytical dependencies for calculation kinematical parameters of the mechanisms are presented. Based on the kinematical analysis data the influence of different geometrical parameters on changing of blades position angle and displacement of regulation sliders is investigated. The features of calculation of construction parameters of inertial mechanisms of blades folding of horizontal- axis wind turbines are analyzed.